A cold start into Adventure

October 8th, 2017

The first day after the purchase of the VW bus in Vancouver started promisingly. At second glance, the van seemed to be better equipped than initially thought. And the engine purred like a kitten on the way from Vancouver to Victoria (Vancouver Island).

Thanks to an "insider tip", we were able to camp wild for the first time and compensate for the non-budgeted expenses in Vancouver - if only minimally. The night in this lagoon was very windy and cold and the passing cars were not very ecologically sensible. Thus a rather sloppy first night in our van. The beautiful sunrise made us forget the roaring engines and the deliberate waking of the horns.

In addition to some detours along the Pacific Rim National Park, our trip led us mainly to Tofino. Tofino is the surfer's paradise of Vancouver Island. Of course, we didn't miss to surf some waves. The conditions were ideal - the water was around 12 degrees Celsius, but freezing cold. After more than two hours in the water, our feet felt so dusty that we couldn't say with certainty whether we were standing on the board or the water. A good time to stop.

Surfing makes you forget a lot of things. A van, that you had to push the last few meters into the parking lot when you arrived, because the engine suddenly said goodbye, but quickly recovers you mentally. It came as it had to. Despite hopes and fears, the van could not be started again. We're freezing trapped in this cove. But: just giving up is not our thing. And so we took out the thick manual and looked for the corresponding repair instructions. In vain. We had to admit quickly that we had absolutely no idea which cable to pull and which screw we should have turned. A towing service, which comes to pick us up the next morning from the bay and takes us to the next garage, was therefore inevitable. In the end, it was just a cable that probably loosened up during the somewhat bumpy ride to Tofino and fortunately could be fixed quickly.

The following whale watching tour was no longer in the way. Besides a few shy dolphins and grey whales we were lucky to be able to watch the huge humpback whales eating. A unique experience and a more than worthy end to this super week in Tofino. We'll be back again - but now we're heading to the US West Coast, where we'll hopefully have milder nights (Mathias could probably visit a polar expedition with his current sleeping clothes)?