Surfing El Salvador

February 19th, 2018

Our stay in Guatemala was much longer than we had originally planned. In Antigua we spent almost two weeks. We liked the colonial town too much and the hostel, in front of which we were allowed to park and stay overnight in the van, offered everything to finish the last videos and build the new website.
On one Sunday we finally left for El Salvador. A little too late, I'm afraid.
Border crossings can become a challenge in terms of time with the vehicle import that is necessary for us. But after so many miles and so many countries, one becomes more relaxed, not to say more unorganized. What has so far been going on more or less smoothly has ended on the border with El Salvador in a nervous but very stressful incident.
We often require several copies of our personal identification cards and vehicle documents for importing vehicles. What we had prepared and brought with us in Switzerland. In El Salvador, however, the border official wanted a copy of the passport stamp from Guatemala (which we couldn't do, of course). As well. And the copy shop at the border hadn't opened on Sunday and there was no way to get this copy. We also came across a civil servant who was not really helpful. Although we saw a copy machine in his office, he didn't want to make us a copy of this passport page. He insisted for over an hour that we have to drive back to the Guatemalan border for this copy. But we did not give in and did not leave the spot. Because we were under pressure of time and wanted to avoid having to drive to our campground in El Salvador at night. After a long discussion and probably not very helpful words we managed to get the necessary import paper issued shortly before 5 pm.

But now there were still more than 70km ahead of us and it became increasingly dark. Rule number one rule among overlanders is: never drive at night. And yet it was already very dark when we finally arrived at the overnight place in El Sunzal.
There we met a Swiss family (Mimo's Camino), which we met for the first time in Baja and saw again by chance in Antigua.
A few Cervesas later we lay down in bed already exhausted and were looking forward to unpacking the surfboards and surfing some waves the next morning.

The surf spot, which was only a few minutes' walk from our accommodation, offered optimal conditions for us. Big waves and not too many surfers fighting for the perfect wave. Admittedly: we had to get used to surfing again. Build up muscles, find the necessary balance and feel for the supporting wave. So the successes were rarely sown, but we liked it so much that we didn't only stay there as planned for two or three days but for a whole week. And the kids of the Swiss family also made us feel very comfortable there. It was very nice to see them again and secretly we hope to meet them again on our way to Panama. Also the guys from @gringostogo, who we found via Instagram and met personally for the first time on the last day in El Sunzal.
We would have liked to have stayed a little longer in El Salvador. Because here too we unexpectedly met a lot of friendly people and there would have been some great surf spots to discover.

We spent our last night in El Salvador just before the border to Honduras for strategic reasons. In a small surfing resort called El Cuco. The nightly party atmosphere directly opposite our overnight stay was quite dormant but made it possible for us to master the next morning (!) two border crossings to Nicaragua in time.