December 15th, 2017

In Scorpion Bay, where the second-longest wave in the world is, we have unfortunately missed the optimal time and so hardly a swell is far and wide in sight since days. Nevertheless, some surfers are in the water and now and then they catch a wave with their longboards, which in the best case allows them to ride along the bay for almost a minute. But the shortboards we bought in Santa Cruz are for sure out of place here.

They fit into our Cargobox, which decorates the roof of our van since LA. They are safely stowed away and can only be used once, paddling until the arms fall off, but the waves are just too slow or our surfboards are too short.

In our oversized cargo box you will find all the things that we rarely need or only need in an emergency, e. g. spare parts for the van, bridging cables, jack, etc. As it quickly turned out, space is the biggest asset when you live in a small bus with two people. Everything you don't necessarily need is a burden and usually stands in the way. An important and beautiful experience. You really don't need much to be happy. Our little van is ingenious when it comes to making the best use of space. Multifunctional, the front passenger seat can be turned by 180 degrees, the rear seat can be turned into a bed in no time at all, the table can be extended and retracted comfortably, and the roof can be folded up for more headroom and a second sleeping area. The roof has become so heavy with the filled cargo box that it is a curious choreography of us both à la "Jamaica has a bobsled team "one, two, three ..." to be able to fold it up and down.

We bought this van in order to be able to drive right away and not have to tinker and shop for a long time before our adventure starts - the dream to rebuild and set up a van ourselves had to be postponed to another time, because the time was just too short.

The fitted kitchen may seem very practical at first glance. But the refrigerator runs on gas and needs a lot of it, so we only use it as storage space for food. The gas stove is good if there are too many mosquitoes flying around outside or if it rains (in 3 months until now only 2 times) otherwise it is just too hot inside and the smell is badly removed from the car, which is why we rarely start the stove. Only the sink with a rather large water tank is often used for washing dishes. The drawer underneath the washbasin has been dismantled, now there is a large clothes bag underneath, where the dirty laundry can be tucked in. The fitted kitchen takes up a lot of space, which is why we have installed a low-priced, visually not so attractive but efficient plastic crate system on the folded stove to make optimum use of the space. The crates can be secured for bumpy driving with a fixed lashing strap. We have additionally equipped ourselves with a mobile gas grill - to cook outside - and a cooler, which can be connected via the cigarette lighter. Furthermore, a 5 gallon (18.5 litre) water tank is the most important part of the van. This tank can be filled with drinking water for 2 dollars in North America and even less in Mexico. "Aqua Purificado" is the magic word here, as tap water should never be drunk. We refill our bottles with a small hand pump as an attachment. In addition to an additional 20 litre canister and a shovel and toilet paper for emergencies, we also have a primitive solar shower. A black 15 litre sack, which can be hung on a tree or a van, is showered comfortably in the open air via hose and shower head.

Since we are filming a lot on the road and have a rather wide and versatile equipment, we also need a lot of electricity. The mobile solar panel and a portable battery are gold worthy. Luckily, we quickly rejected the idea of installing a solar panel on the roof, because for the optimal orientation to the sun a constant parking would probably have cost too much nerves.

Our equipment is completed with a sun tarp attached to the van and stretched over two poles to provide optimal shade, as well as two camping chairs and a small folding table. It took some time until we arrived in the new life. In the meantime we feel very comfortable with everything we need (maybe even still too much) and are a well-practised team on our way to and from our mobile home. Even if we don't get to surf, comfortably watch the small waves in the shade and enjoy life.