Wellness for Douglas

November 2nd, 2017

Soon we are in San Diego and prepare for the next big event. Crossing the border into Mexico. Admittedly, we're a little nervous. We stick to tried and tested checklists of travellers who have travelled similar routes and hope that the few chunks of Spanish will bring us to Baja quickly and that we will not be unnecessarily slowed down by the bureaucracy and the endless waiting times associated with it.

In the past few days, we have carried out some urgently needed interior modifications to solve the acute space problem. Either we have too much luggage with us, or the storage space is smaller than needed. But this problem can also be solved with an architect on board. In addition to a large cargo box, a well thought-out box system provides us with the necessary storage space for our equipment.

After 5'000km we have left behind us in the meantime, our van has to undergo urgently needed oil and filter changes as well as some minor repairs. During the last few weeks, a number of shortcomings have also come to light, which now need to be examined by an expert, so that we can continue to drive more or less carefree. Already on arrival at the preliminary discussion in the garage, the mechanic said that it smelled suspiciously of gasoline. Somewhere it seems to have a leak. This is probably or badly also part of "vanlife". Since we want to spend the next few weeks and months away from campsites, an external solar panel will also provide us with the electricity we need.

However, as feared, the garage specialized in vanagons is more than well utilized - there is always something to screw on a vanagon - so that we now have to stay in San Diego for even longer. This means: "Surf time" for us and a well-earned care for our van.

To be continued...