Bosque y Fuego

After we tried to drive from Chetumal (Mexico) via Belize to Flores (Guatemala) on one day and almost got stuck at the second border crossing (the lack of cash), we had reached the lake Peten Itzà in the late evening. The village of Flores, a paradise for backpackers, was one thing above all for us: withdrawing money, washing clothes, taking out car insurance, shopping and allowing Douglas to change the oil.

After Flores we stayed overnight in Tikal, the famous Mayan ruins in the jungle. The next morning we had these huge step pyramids for us, of course together with all the different animals. The view of the highest pyramid was priceless, above the treetops that reach to the horizon.

A very long day of driving to Antigua turned out to be too optimistic and so we were stuck in a traffic jam in the middle of Guatemala City at night. Luckily there was a Swiss restaurant right on the street with plenty of space for camping for free. The Rösti for breakfast almost caused a little homesickness. Arriving in Antigua, we found shelter in the parking lot of a hostel. Our big goal was to hike on the volcano Acatenango and to admire the active volcano Fuego. With almost 2,000
Altitude meters on 7km distance an extremely intensive hike and the most breathtaking experience on our trip so far. A lava spitting mountain right in front of our eyes, never before have we been closer to the origin of the earth.

After that Madlen had to fly home again and after more than 5 weeks of visit we were together again. A perfect time to recharge your batteries for the second half of our journey. Finally we stayed for another 8 days on the parking lot at the hostel in the beautiful town of Antigua. Free breakfast, hot showers, a table tennis table and good wifi to update our website and finish the video on Mexico.

The last days in Guatemala led us to the windy Lake de Atitlan (a similar scenery to the Lake of Magiore in Ticino) over the steepest road Douglas has ever had to master to the colourful market in Chichicastenango and then back to Antigua before heading towards El Salvador.

Despite almost three unforgettable weeks in Guatemala, a rather poor country with very nice people, incomparable nature and probably the most colorful and fastest buses in the world, we can't wait to drive to the Pacific to surf again.