Van Shipping - Part 2

After spending a few days in Colombia's capital Bogota, we flew to Cartagena on Monday, March 21. In Cartagena our van should arrive after he was on the high seas for about two days. Our agent in Panama had provided us with the tracking data beforehand, so we could check the ship's current location at any time. Due to a national ... read more

Shipping - Part 1

Other than many blog readers might expect, it is not possible to travel by car from Panama directly to Colombia. Because the DariƩn Gap is in between. It is a disruption of the Pan American highway between Yaviza, Panama and the Colombian border. There are dense jungles, large swamps and mountainous rainforests. Without Machete, a lot of time and a... read more

In one day through Honduras

We decided to drive through Honduras in one day. Not because it is one of the most dangerous countries in Central America, but more because we want to concentrate mainly on surfing for the limited time we have left in Central America. To be able to master such a day with two border crossings and a driving distance of 320 km ... read more

Surfing El Salvador

Our stay in Guatemala was much longer than we had originally planned. In Antigua we spent almost two weeks. We liked the colonial town too much and the hostel, in front of which we were allowed to park and stay overnight in the van, offered everything to finish the last videos and build the new website. On one Sunday we ... read more

9 Thoughts - Part Three

7. Hola, buenas dias What I remember most about Mexico is the friendliness and helpfulness of the locals. After what you read in the news, I was very positively surprised. Of course, we bypassed the big cities and followed certain rules and there must have been also a measure of luck. On our drive across the country we came again and ... read more

9 Thoughts - Part Two

4. fascination underwater world - salty In front of Belize is the world's second largest barrier reef. After a long time we decide against a break on one of the islands. However, snorkelling off this incredibly beautiful coastline is not something we want to miss. In Xcalak, in the south of Mexico, just before the border to Belize, we spend a ... read more

9 Thoughts - Part One

1. You don't need much to be happy Being on the road with the vanagon also means a lot of organisation. The following question is quite important when driving: "Where do we stay overnight? And what alternatives are there on the way if we don't get this far?" You might have a breakdown on the way, be stopped at ... read more

Not what we expected

With Baja California we travelled on Mexican land for the first time. Generally speaking, this was a completely new chapter for us both from a linguistic and cultural point of view. Sometimes also quite a challenge. After a little more than three weeks in Baja, many nice encounters and experiences, we shipped our van from La Paz in Baja California ... read more

Happy Day in the Bay

In the first two months of our journey in the van we have seen many beautiful places, had unforgettable experiences and gained important experiences. We met new people and slowly got used to life in the van. However, we have also spent a lot of time driving and organising and have covered a long distance in a rather short time. ... read more


In Scorpion Bay, where the second-longest wave in the world is, we have unfortunately missed the optimal time and so hardly a swell is far and wide in sight since days. Nevertheless, some surfers are in the water and now and then they catch a wave with their longboards, which in the best case allows them to ride along the ... read more

All's well that ends well

For two hours now we have been on the road in the Valley of the Giants. The cacti are huge, the air is extremely dry and hot. The sun is burning down our necks and the fine sand dust has found its way everywhere. During the last turning manoeuvre, a misunderstanding between me and Mathias leads to the left rear ... read more

Into the Desert

After a short introduction into the world of the "real" tacos and a short night in Ensenada as well as disappointingly small waves we set off the next day towards San Felipe. But not without first obtaining some pesos and an additional gasoline canister. The petrol stations and ATM dispensers are becoming increasingly rare on the coming journeys. ... read more

Bienvendio a Mexico

It's early Saturday afternoon as we drive on Interstate 5 towards Tijuana. Much later than originally planned. The plan provided a sufficiently large time buffer for delays or other inconsistencies. In the rear view mirror we see the last exit that would bring us back to San Diego, passing us. One last sharp right turn and we are standing in one ... read more

Sitting Waiting Wishing

We have been in San Diego for almost two weeks now and are waiting every day for a new trip to Mexico. After all, we have since been able to hand over the van to proven experts and know that we are well advised. Until then we spend the nights in a hostel and the days on the surfboard at ... read more

Wellness for Douglas

Soon we are in San Diego and prepare for the next big event. Crossing the border into Mexico. Admittedly, we're a little nervous. We stick to tried and tested checklists of travellers who have travelled similar routes and hope that the few chunks of Spanish will bring us to Baja quickly and that we will not be unnecessarily slowed down ... read more

Salmon Sand Sea

Our first stop after the crossing to the USA is a sleepy village on the coast of Washington. La Push is part of the "Native Reserve" of the "Quileute Tribe", which settled here a thousand years ago. At the beginning of October the main season is over at the resort, where we find a place for ... read more

A cold start into Adventure

The first day after the purchase of the VW bus in Vancouver started promisingly. At second glance, the van seemed to be better equipped than initially thought. And the engine purred like a kitten on the way from Vancouver to Victoria (Vancouver Island). Thanks to an "insider tip", we were able to camp wild for the first time ... read more