Costa Rica

Monkey Business

Pura Vida! A word that is used in Costa Rica or the Switzerland of Central America, as this country is also called, for almost everything. Compared to the neighbouring countries we have already visited, the political and economic situation seems to be much better and more stable. However, the stay was more expensive and tourism was already much more noticeable.

In Costa Rica we wanted to dive into the diverse fauna again and check out some surf spots.
As soon as we had crossed the border, we found a wonderful place to stay overnight, where the many monkeys woke us up in the morning with their dance and roar performance. It was much quieter in Ostinal on the Narcoya Peninsula. Only the way there was quite challenging and above all bumpy. Apart from the many turtles there wasn't much going on.
In Parrita we went on a short hike, hoping to finally get a Tucan in front of our lenses. Well, tucans can mostly be found in travel brochures and posters. But they seam to be quite rare in the wilderness and if they are, they are more likely to be found on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Nevertheless, we still had a animal highlight. On a boat trip through the mangroves, we saw Capuchin monkeys as well as many different species of birds, literally gamboling around on our heads. What a unique experience!

The first half was therefore rather animalistic. The second one we wanted to dedicate completely to surfing, as we will probably not go to a surf spot until Ecuador. We found two world class surf spots in Boca Barranca and Pavones. Both spots provide extremely long and constant left waves under good conditions. But both places demanded a lot from us. In Boca Barranca we had to cross the river - with crocodiles in it - and then paddle out the strong current. And in Pavones it took a felt eternity until one was in a safe zone and was no longer flushed back. Pavones was the culmination of our unfortunately short stay in Costa Rica. With an overnight place directly at the surf spot and many great people, with whom we came into contact in these 4 days, we prepared ourselves optimistically and completely fulfilled for the last stage of our journey - South America we're coming.